You may have a website but as a business owner in today’s uber mobilized world – where people are tapping, tweeting and texting their way through life on mobile devices – you need a strong mobile presence if you want your business to be relevant online. That means Mobile websites and Mobile apps. As of 2013, ComScore reported that 55% of all time spent with online retail in 2013 occurred on a mobile device.

  • Mobile 40%
  • Apps 40%
  • Web 20%


With a billion people on Facebook alone, Social Media has quickly become an imperative for business looking to establish themselves online.  As of 2013, 63% of all Social Media visits are coming from mobile devices.

  • Marketers Using Social Media 93%
  • Marketers NOT using Social Media 7%
Android, iOS and HTML5 Apps by Webology Inc

Android, iOS and HTML5 Apps by Webology Inc:

Responsive websites don’t always mean a friendly user experience.

Bad mobile experiences are costly to small businesses. 57% of users won’t recommend a business if they don’t like the business’s mobile site, 66% won’t return to the site if it gives them trouble, and 40% will ultimately head on to a competitor site.

Whether you need a Mobile App (iOS or Android )  or a Mobile Web (Mobile Website App) solution, Webology Inc has you covered.


Mobile Ecosystems: What are they?

In the ongoing battle for online relevance, many businesses today will have several different online media properties or ‘assets’.  These assets include their social media – such as their Facebook page or  Twitter page – their websites, mobile websites,  mobile apps and eCommerce stores. Interconnecting these assets through a centrally managed platform creates an Ecosystem.

Mobile Mojo will build you an entire online Ecosystem and a control Dashboard to manage it.

How will an Ecosystem help my business?

  • Create, execute and manage web, social and mobile marketing campaigns
  • Asynchronously manage all content across all online assets
  • Manage eCommerce stores on all platforms – web, mobile, social
  • Access instant reporting and analytic data from all online assets
  • Integrate new and emerging technologies

Building the Ecosystem as a mobile-driven platform – that integrates other web based properties as well – allows a business the control and flexibility of managing all of their online assets through an all-in-one dashboard solution.

Dashboards are not just for cars any more.  They can drive your online world too.


It all starts with your website. Built on a responsive framework using CMS (Content Management System) platforms like WordPress or Joomla. Social Media sharing capabilities are added to all content (written copy, images, video, forms etc)  as is a  Facebook page feed. A blog is created to feed daily updates and relevant news…read more


Your Facebook Page, Linkedin Company Profile, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube pages are created and/or customized. A universal brand message (brand name, product or deal etc)  is integrated into all content (banners, headers and thumbnails) to create Social Media imagery consistency…more


Your website is mobilized and viewable on mobile browsers including Tablets, Smartphones and Phablets. Mobile websites are your customers window to your business when they are on their mobile devices. A bad mobile experience can be the difference between getting a customer and losing one.


Mobile Marketing is essential.  Period. With Mobile Mojo’s Geo-Push-Note solution baked into a custom app, businesses can tap into their customers whenever they come near their business. Mobile marketing drives immediate, localized traffic as well as enhancing customer loyalty…more


The Heart, Brain and Soul of the Ecosystem is the Dashboard.

Content Management Sy stem (CMS ) Dashboard’s are website based platforms that allow asynchronous management and control of a businesses entire online ecosystem – including their websites, apps and social media. CMS Dashboards let businesses instantaneously change their content across all of their online media, and provide real time analytic’s like website views and Facebook advertising engagement numbers.


Website, Mobile Apps and Social Media accounts are assets that are essential online media tools for today’s businesses.

Connect these assets and they become an Ecosystem. Integrate an online control dashboard to manage the Ecosystem and you have a powerful online solution that allows immediate, cross platform, asynchronous broadcast opportunities across all media assets.

In plain English: Ecosystems let businesses take control of their online presence through a simple, user friendly website dashboard. We’ll build you an Ecosystem and a Dashboard to manage it.


Contact Mobile Mojo and one of our representatives will walk you through how a Mobile Ecosystem can help your business.

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