We have taken this much used phrase – a phrase that in and of itself is considered centrifugal to the modern city transportation infrastructures you see today – and juxtaposed it to the virtual roads of your online presence on the web.

That’s really a fancy way of saying that as a business, everything you do online should ultimately lead back to your website.

Lets imagine an online infrastructure where Social Networks are roads and your website is the capital. From the Google highways to the Facebook expressway to the Linkedin fast lanes and the Twitter interstate, all roads ultimately should come back to Rome; your website.

Now, if you’re Rome and there’s congestion on one road, another is down for roadwork, another is closed and yet another is re-routing straight past Rome then traffic is going to be pretty light. Get the picture? You need online infrastructure with a purpose.

Every Social Network or website link is an expressway. Every retweet, post, share and like is a road. As a business you need to make sure you have as many roads as possible with a clear and direct path to the bright lights of your website.

That means maintaining the roads, posting billboards and policing bandits that might want to fleece the travelling tinkers on their way to the capital. That means making sure there’s welcome signs at every pit-stop and making the drive interesting. People want to drive through corn fields in winter about as much as they want to read played out articles that have no relevance. Make the drive worth while for your potential customers by relaying what’s most important, in the most interesting way you can.

All Roman metaphors aside, what it means is you should get connected online everywhere, to as many online roads as possible that are driving traffic to your website. (Remember that you and your website are the metaphorical Rome)

If you can do this then travellers the world over will surely make their way to your happy Rome errr…home.

So start building!

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