“You once were found but now are lost”…..Wilson – Castaway


You’re Screwgled!


The trail has gone cold and the lights have dimmed.  You’re invisible.
Sounds dramatic but this will be reality for brands and businesses that don’t proffer a mobile friendly user experience.
According to Googles Webmaster Blog, starting April 21, 2015, Google will implement changes to its search algorithms that will provide favorable indexing to relevant, original, accurate and now mobile optimized content and “Mobile ranking signals will have a ‘significant’ impact on search results” With 6 of 10 internet searches originating from mobile devices, this makes perfect sense.
The potential impact of this change on businesses who are sitting comfortable in the rankings could be catastrophic. From first page to lost at sea – overnight.

Test your website on Googles official Mobile Test tool to see if your websites passes mobile muster

If you are a successful business with a weak mobile presence, we urge you  to take action to protect your investments now.  If you’re contemplating new investments in online assets, then we strongly recommend you adopt a “mobile first” approach.  To adopt a wait and see attitude could result in your business being lost at sea… well, maybe lost in the murky waters of the ocean that is Google’s search results, but the end result is the same regardless of the metaphor. You might end up a castaway…

You have been warned…the end is near!

toddturnerTodd Turner – Webologist at Webology Inc. Todd is the Chief of Business Development and general go-to guy with new business. Contact Todd at todd@webologize.com or 312 217 7800

Contact Todd if you need to “get found and be seen” on Mobile.

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