Ping your customers phones as they come near your venue. Send them a menu and let them order from their phone with Mobile Mojo’s “Food and Bev” program.

What is the Food and Bev program?  A revolutionary new mobile app platform for Restaurants and Bars that combines two powerful features:





Mobile Food Ordering + Geo Location Marketing, all wrapped up into your businesses very own mobile application = an incredible sales and marketing tool.

Get your products and services ‘pushed’ directly into your customers’ smart phones when they physically enter into your businesses “geo-location,” or proximity.  Whether it’s 1 mile away from your business or 30, whenever a customer enters into that geographic sphere, your app automatically sends them a notification with your custom message or offer.

Give your business the competitive advantage of moving with technology.  Get in your customers’ thoughts – and mobile phones –  right when it matters.




   What is Geo-Location Based Marketing?  When customers come within a pre-determined radius of your establishment they receive a push notification to their phone from your business. When they tap on the push notification alert icon they are taken to   a page that displays a branded message.

Notifications can be a discount coupon, a gift certificate, a product or event promotional image, or even a video. Businesses can also add GPS, turn-by-turn directions to your location – all activated when those customers come within range of your business!



   What is Mobile Food Ordering? Customers can browse your menu on their phones , order food and drinks and pay for it through the app using paypal or credit cards.  A National Restaurant Association survey reported that companies that allowed users to order takeout food delivery, saw mobile orders increase to 25% of all transactions after they released a mobile app.


   Can I see a demo? Absolutely. Click here to go to our preview page.

   What do I get?  An  iTunes app, a Droid App and a Mobile Website is included in the Food and Bev program and is packed with powerful tools to help you get your menu – and your business – mobilized. This includes:

  • Food Ordering: Customers can order food and pay for it through the app using paypal or credit cards
  • Mobile Marketing: Geo-Location Push Notification Marketing – when you’re customer comes within a set radius of your establishment they will receive a push notification to their phone from your business!
  • GPS Directions: Geo-Location direction’s to your venue – one click and get turn-by-turn directions on their phone
  • Click to Call: Customers can click a icon to call your venue – right from the app
  • Check in: Similar to Foursquare, customers can check into your location and earn reward’s
  • Contact Us: An emailable contact form lets you collect contact information on your clients for future marketing
  • Tell a Friend: A one click button that lets customers share your app by email, text, Facebook or Twitter

   Whats the cost? Depending on the customization you require your app can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000  and hosting and maintenance can range from $100 – $250 per month.  Monthly payments are made via Paypal, E-check, Google Wallet or Credit Card. There is also a 0.75c mobile ordering fee per order that is added to the customers order.

   How do I manage the app?  We upload the first 20 items on the order menu for you.  We also create a custom,  back-of-the-house administration dashboard ( a one page website) for you to make your changes (like price changes, food images etc) and to send out geo-location push notifications.  The dashboard is a very simple, easy to use webpage. We also have a mobile app for you to manage your app!

There is also a step by step video guide to help as well.

If you can manage a Facebook page you can manage this app…


Mobile Mojo's Dashboard lets venues send geo-location push notifications to customers near their restaurant!

Mobile Mojo’s Dashboard allows venues to send geo-location push notifications to customers near their restaurant!


   Will you manage my app for me?   Sure! Naturally we charge for additional services and the cost usually ranges from $200-$750 per month depending on how many added features you want, how many updates you need – and how often –  if we need to custom create your content, and the level of mobile marketing involved.

We do everything  – photography, copy writing, social media, even mobile SEO! So Mobile Mojo can be your total Mobile marketing solution.  Ask us about our customized monthly packages!

   So you can do Mobile Marketing too? You betcha! Your account manager can easily become your mobile marketer!

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